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About Us

Located in Santarém, Portugal, Festivo Começo, S.A. originates from the consecrated Confeitaria Mirene/ Nova Lisboa, Is specialized in the manufactoring of food products trasformed from fruit and destinated to diferente ends.

Since 1975 that the our main focushas been to improve our recipes. If some are thought in accordance with the  needs of the manufactoring industry , others seek to respond to the highest levels of demand of those who taste them.

The past, which respected the most traditional recipes, consecrated the prestigious brands AIKEBOM, MIRENE and NOVALISBOA. The present privileges the preservation of the purest essence of the fruit and the naturalness of the flavor. The result of this sum is the brand new D'ALMO, an experience of stimuli and emotions.

The Flavor, the Aroma, the color and the texture are irrefutable proof of the original form how our process ensures it’s transformation. Despite the technology involved, D'ALMO represents the revitalization of artisanal recipe processing. A tasty blend of past and present.

The valuation of healthy food is a strong contribution to improving the quality of life. The preservation of the fruit in is most natural state is increasingly appreciated and understood as a benefit.

It is this concern that makes us think about the development of products in partnership with specialists in nutrition and health.

The way we think about personalizing our recipes for generations, allows us to think that we are a responsible and familiar brand. Responsible formulations that aim to provide satisfaction, well-being and great happiness. Products designed for all the senses in a unique form for each one.

Is it possible to respect our deepest tradition without contemplating the best that our land offer? Of course not! The exclusive use of fruit produced in national soil is one of our greatest proud. The regionality that underlies each of our recipes gives them a unique Lusitana identity.

The taste of Portugal that identifies us so much is the best we have to offer to those who welcome us to their home.

D'ALMO's 2017 catalog maintains its focus on fruit-based food products, for the moment, organized into four categories.

In the "MEALS" gamma, the ex libris continues to be the quince jam. The novelty is its new formats. In addition to the cuvettes there are now standard single-dose cubes or with extracts, for example fruit or port wine. Continue the bet on guava jam and drunken pear.  The Concentrated juices for dilution appear renewed and increasingly natural. The offer of jams and jellies (single-dose and jars of different weights) looks for the crossing between more traditional flavors, like the one of quince jelly, and others that sign for the originality.

For the "PASTRY" gamma we have created a wide range of studied recipes, developed and tested by professionals. The novelty is the formulas of quince jam for mold and fruit preparations, specific for toppings and fillings ready to be baked or frozen. Crystallized, sugar preserved, and fruits in syrup appear to be improved in taste and appearance and, for now, complete the offer.

Lastly, there is also the line "EAT WELL" that is born with the bet on new compositions of quince jam and jams with fructose, stevia, fibers and proteins.

"FLAVORS OF THE SEASON" brings products such as Easter almonds (sugar covered almonds) and the dried cakes, “Broa de Milho” and “Broa Castelar”, characteristics of Christmas.

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