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Sugar from Brasil


Currently, Brazil is the world's largest sugar producer and its main consumer market is Europe. Its quality is undoubtedly its main value.

The ICUMSA index (International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis) standardizes, through physical-chemical analysis, the type of sugar. This test verifies that the color of the product is in accordance with the classification used by the manufacturer on the product label. The lower this index, the lighter, or whiter, is the sugar. As this ratio increases, sugar becomes darker in color.

Granulated refined sugar: pure, without dyes, without moisture or stone and with well defined crystals and homogeneous granulometry. Very used in industry.
Amorphous refined sugar: with low color, fast dissolution, fine grain size and excellent whiteness, the refined amorphous is used in domestic consumption, cakes and confectionery.
Crystal sugar: with large transparent crystals, difficult to dissolve in water. Because it is economical and yields a lot, crystal sugar often appears in cake recipes.
Brown sugar: Petrified sugar, with a variable caramel coloration resulting from the crystallization of the honey from sugar mill, and still with a high content of molasses.
Demerara sugar: yellow granulated sugar, resulting from the purge of brown sugar, and with molasses content in its composition, most used for export.
Glaçúcar: the so-called "confectioner's sugar", with very fine crystalline granules, produced directly at the mill, without refining and destined for the food industry, which uses it in pastas, biscuits, confections and beverages.
Organic sugar: uniform granulation product, produced without any chemical additives, both in the agricultural and industrial phases.

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