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Festivo Começo SA

With it's headquarters in Santarém, Portugal, FESTIVO COMEÇO, S.A. is a company specialized in the manufacture of food products of high quality and intended for different purposes. While some are designed for second processing according to the needs of industrial customers, such as cherries in syrup or drained and candied fruits, others guarantee the satisfaction of the end user - jams, jellies, marmelades, concentrated fruit juices - or specific areas of business such as hotels or health.

Following the work, of recognized quality, developed, for more than half a century, by Confeitaria Mirene S.A., the new company FESTIVO COMEÇO, S.A. retained the accredited brands NOVALISBOA, DOCE TENTAÇÃO and MIRENE. These are the brands that we reaffirm today in the market, in addition to the extensive range of client brands who believe and trust in our quality and performance.

Our products are the delight of every Portuguese through the action of the major channels of retailers and wholesalers, and are present in the international global market, especially in countries where there are communities of Portuguese emigrants and in countries with traditional cultural ties.

More recent are the markets of the Gulf Countries (U.A.E. / Saudi Arabia) and Egypt, with a great potential for large-scale consumption.

The secret will remain in the way all our fruits are carefully handled, sorted, processed and packaged. Technology complements the traditional artisanal treatment that our recipes require.

Among the wide varieties of fruits stands out Quince, the raw material for the production of Quince Jam "Marmelada" FESTIVO COMEÇO brand, market leader and one of our premium products. A traditional portuguese product consumed by virtually the entire population, given its tasty flavour and high energy value.

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